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Spelled Herbal Mixes, Powders, Incense & Salts <3

Spelled Herbal Mixes, Powders, Incense & Salts <3

In this collection you will find all of our handcrafted herbal mixes,... 

Spell Jars, Charm Bags, Spiritual Colognes, & Candles <3

Spell Jars, Charm Bags, Spiritual Colognes, & Candles <3

Spell jars, charm bags, spiritual colognes, and ritual candles crafted and spelled... 

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  • A B O U T

    Hi all - my name is Reyanna and this is my little corner of the world! I have been practicing since my late teen years. I remember being obsessed with witches and witchcraft ever since I was a little girl - dressing up as a witch every single Halloween! Ever since I can remember, I have always been claircognizant. Finally finding a word for what I have always known sent me into a deep dive to what I now call my spiritual journey. I started off as an eclectic witch studying open practices and I didn't start spell work until about two years after that! I recently have begun researching my ancestral practices to become more connected with my bloodline but I will always identify as an eclectic witch!

  • U S

    Black222Earth has been a long-awaited dream of mine since 2021. I am so proud that I have finally gotten her up and running as of July 2023! All of the spelled items that you find from my shop are handcrafted solely by me and I take great pride in what I do! I have a mother-hen personality and have been destined to help as many people as I can in this lifetime. I craft for those that are mature enough to admit they either don't know how, don't want to, or know that they themselves cannot in their current situation. Whether that be due to spiritual hygiene, mental breaks or whatever the case may be for you - I sincerely thank you for allowing and entrusting me to craft for you!

  • Our Mission

    As magickal practitioners, we often call on the energy of the earth to perform our spells and rituals, so being conscious of the impact our magick has on the planet seems only fair and responsible. That is why I have made it one of my biggest goals to be as eco-conscious with my business and my personal craft as much as I can. I am committed to being as sustainable as I possibly can by reducing waste, reusing materials for packaging items, and recycling what I can! Being sustainable includes using non-eco friendly packing material that has been gifted to me or purchased years ago!

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