Collection: Spelled Herbal Mixes, Powders, Incense & Salts <3

In this collection you will find all of our handcrafted herbal mixes, powders, loose incense blends, salts and salt soaks - all handcrafted and spelled by me to aid you in your magickal workings! Our herbal mixes can be used in your spell work, as simmer pots, or in your baths! Our spelled powders are crafted to be used to dress candles, sprinkled in your bath, fed to charm bags, etc. In our loose incense we use the most fragrant natural ingredients to provide you with lovely smells like normal incense that are spelled and imbued with intention. Use these incense blends in your workings to manifest your intention to you, cleanse your space, or remove ill intent. Our spelled salts are for ritual use as well as for bath time EXCEPT for our black salt.