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fluorite | raw crystal

fluorite | raw crystal

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Fluorite comes in a variety of colors including shades of purple, clear and green banded, as well as yellow, green, blue-green, white and rainbow. Its name comes from the latin word "fleure" which means "to flux", which in turn means flowing out or continuous change. These specific pieces range from green to purple.

This stone is very powerful for students. It has the ability to help clear one’s mind and improve their mental abilities. It is great for those looking to focus better and study more. Fluorite is also very useful in dissolving negative energy and stress in its user’s life. When used while meditating, fluorite can also be used to aid one’s spiritual awakening. Fluorite is also a great stone to help purify one’s body as well as make their bones stronger. Those who are libras or pisces may feel especially attracted to this crystal.

It is believed to cleanse and purify the body and stabilize energy, increasing the ability to concentrate and helping one to understand and maintain relationships.  It is said to promote impartiality for unbiased reasoning. It is called a stone of discernment and aptitude, making it an excellent learning aid. Fluorite is thought to heal arthritis and headaches.

Fluorite has a Mohs scale of 4. It is not a water safe crystal, especially in salt water. The color and size may vary due to the many variations of fluorite and it being made by mother nature. You will receive one intuitively picked piece! 


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Oils have a recommended shelf life of 6 months but can be kept longer in the right conditions! Be sure to store your oil in a cool dark place when not in use. Loose incense blends, herbal mixes, spelled salts, powders and salt soaks should be kept in their container away from any moisture when not in use. Charm bags should be kept in their dust bag and away from moisture.

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