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phoenix stone | phoenix eyes | raw crystal

phoenix stone | phoenix eyes | raw crystal

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Phoenix stone is a powerful stone that assists with dispelling anger and fear while providing strength, courage, and confidence. Phoenix stone can be used to enhance your creativity and individuality. This stone is most useful when you are grieving over the loss of a loved one or getting rid of guilt from past actions such as taking revenge, it will help you to forgive yourself by ensuring the past has no bearing on your present and future.

Phoenix stone, also known as the "compassion stone", is a combination of Chrysocolla,  Malachite and Turquoise. This stone emits the loving energy of the Goddess, Mother Gaia, adding sweet loving communication with Spirit and the Angels with a deeply feminine vibration. 

Phoenix stone has a feminine energy due to its  sweet loving essence, and its emittance of the energy of Mother Earth. It addresses issues that have to do with discord, specifically in relationships. It encourages spiritual growth in life and on an individual level. It is believed to help you dispel energy that may be weighing you down emotionally. Perfect for rebuilding confidence.

I have not found any research about the hardness of this stone specifically but since it is a combination stone I would not recommend it being placed in water for a lengthy period of time just because of my knowledge of malachite. You will receive one intuitively picked phoenix stone! These stones may vary in size and color due to being made by Mother Nature herself! <3


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