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rose angel | spelled glamour ritual oil

rose angel | spelled glamour ritual oil

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Intention: glamour oil. to aid with glamour magick. self love. confidence. pairs beautifully with daily affirmations. for beauty workings. charm, charisma, enchantment. gives the quality of attraction and excitement so that you may be deemed appealing by those you seek. can be used for mirror magick. grants the ability to make your energy more attractive.

Our "Rose Angel" ritual oil is handcrafted and spelled by Reyanna in a small batch. All herbs were divined and prayed over. This oil is infused and charged with herbs, roots, botanicals and crystals in a master jar. Essential oils are added when your order is placed/processing to ensure the longevity of the scent, as well as to finish the spelling of the oil. The oil is then sealed with corresponding colored sealing wax, ready to be charged, blessed, & enchanted under corresponding moon phase.

This oil is available in three sizes: 10ml//0.33 fl oz (roller bottle), 20ml//0.67 fl oz (dropper bottle), and 30ml//1 fl oz (dropper bottle). Each size will come in a glass container.

Uses: This oil is crafted to be used in any of your magickal workings and rituals. Can be used to anoint yourself, candles, your altar, enchant tools and personal items, used in spiritual baths, etc. We recommend using the five affirmations you see above any time you use this oil as perfume. We also recommend charging this oil with your own intentions when you first receive it. Here are two ways we recommend you do this: 1. write a petition of what you would like this oil to achieve for you and either anoint the petition and safely burn it or place your petition inside of this oil (if placing in bottle please be aware these oils are filled to the brim and oil may spill out). 2. anoint a white, pink, or red candle with this oil and speak your intentions to the candle allowing the candle to burn completely down (please practice fire safety and never leave your candle unattended).

All of our handcrafted items are vegan and cruelty free! Absolutely none of our products are made to be ingested. They are for external use only. This oil is made with hair, skin and nail safe ingredients. We use a custom blend of carrier oils that promote health, 100% pure essential oils for their health benefits and a light fragrance, a selection of herbs, roots and florals for their magickal properties, and crystals for their magickal properties as well. We recommend you to exercise caution and always do a patch test before full use. 

If you have any allergies please email me at OR leave me a note with your order about any and all possible allergies that you may be concerned of. I will be more than happy to make you a special blend without any of those ingredients. Please note that your order will take longer to process as I will be making your product to order if you have any special requests. I am unable to make any changes once an order has been shipped.

Legal Disclaimers: The products at Black222Earth are sold as curios. Our handcrafted products should be used with the intention and discernment of the buyer. These items should not be used as replacement for medical treatment or any professional advice. They are not meant to prevent, diagnose, or treat any type of disease. Please keep out of reach of children and pets. Discontinue use if irritation may occur. Refunds or Exchanges are NOT permitted for pre-made spelled items. Please note that oils, candles and herbs can be unpredictable so we advise you to exercise caution and wisdom when using these products around fire or any potentially dangerous setting.


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    Oils have a recommended shelf life of 6 months but can be kept longer in the right conditions! Be sure to store your oil in a cool dark place when not in use. Loose incense blends, herbal mixes, spelled salts, powders and salt soaks should be kept in their container away from any moisture when not in use. Charm bags should be kept in their dust bag and away from moisture.

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