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travel altar

travel altar

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Travel altars are perfect for those wanting to practice on the go, for beginners, and those needing to be discreet! I put together these mini altars with the intention of helping practitioners know that simple magick is very effective and you don't need to be elaborate every single time you craft. This is also a great way for you to get creative in your practice, especially if you are just beginning spellwork! Your intuitively chosen herb can be imbued with many intentions so if it is an herb you haven't worked with I suggest doing research on the herb or just go with your own intuition!

In the travel altar you will find: one intuitively picked vial of salt, one intuitively picked vial of herb, four candles, 17ml of our shield water, three seashells, clear quartz and three mini tumbles: green aventurine, rose quartz and yellow jade. The shield water can be used like florida water - for spiritual cleansing and protection on the go. It can cleanse your candles, crystals, your hands before ritual and given as offering. The seashells can be used as dishes to hold herb and offering or safely burn herb. They also represent the water element. The crystals can be charged and imbued with several intentions. They represent the element of earth. The candles can be anointed and you can safely burn the candle in a small amount of salt with the herb sprinkled around (with your intention in mind of course) for a full spell. The travel altar will come in a 3.7inx3.7inx1.1in kraft box.


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Oils have a recommended shelf life of 6 months but can be kept longer in the right conditions! Be sure to store your oil in a cool dark place when not in use. Loose incense blends, herbal mixes, spelled salts, powders and salt soaks should be kept in their container away from any moisture when not in use. Charm bags should be kept in their dust bag and away from moisture.

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